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Panne Gitterroste GmbH

Sun protection & Decoration

Perfect sun protection and energy efficient
combined with modern decoration.

Gratings are often used as maintenance free sun protection of the windows below. The proportion of mesh to bearing bar adjusted according to the geographical requirements and the position of the sun.

For this purpose we recommend our INDURO® aluminum grating. It is the ideal product due to the small bearing bar distances it combines stability and load capacity with sun protection.

Popular alternatives are reversible gratings or declined gratings. They offer sun protection for several hours each day. 

So all our hp facade gratings improve the energy efficiency of modern buildings.

For this purpose we also offer our DROP and DELTA gratings. Usually they are installed vertically to spend a comfortable mix between shadow and light-flooding.

For special optical effects you can chose our newly developed facade grating type TRIGON® with its unique triangular meshes.



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